Hensley Style Bucket Teeth

Replacement Bucket Teeth

Romac Industrial Parts knows that the specific conditions of every excavation job is different; because of this, Romac has over 128 styles of Hensley teeth. Hensley Style parts are cast of high-quality alloy at a premium cost, compared to most other direct replacement parts. Hensley has been producing strong, reliable, and safe parts for excavators since 1947. Hensley’s design innovations have consistently led to increased productivity and a reduction of prices across the board. So here’s a quick introduction into just some of the Hensley Style teeth you’ll find at Romac.

Aftermarket Backhoe Bucket Parts

For general needs, Hensley’s all purpose bucket teeth (Part# X310AP) are perfect for light digging and backhoe work in dirt and sand. However, Romac Industrial makes no exception to specialized digging circumstances. Tiger teeth (X156T) and twin tiger teeth (X156WT) are available in a variety of sizes for your particular bucket, front end loader, or backhoe. Flared teeth (X156F) (X220F) are a trench-digger’s dream come true. The flared design loosens material as it falls into the bucket, which leads to cleaner digging and greater efficiency in the field.

Hensley Style Excavator Bucket Teeth

When the earth gets tougher, so too must the teeth. We also offer a variety of excavator teeth designed for use in rockier terrain. Ripper style teeth (X702TL) focus impact pressure on a single point, increasing penetration power and ripping force. Rock chisel and abrasion teeth (X290RC) (X310ABR) are cast of a higher-quality steel than competitor teeth on the market. They are able to withstand longer durations of severe abrasion and tough digging, longer than any old standard teeth. Establishing itself as a formidable tool to the contractor or construction worker, rock penetrator teeth (X290RP2) are the perfect weapon against thick slabs of limestone and other dense materials you’re trying to clear out. With these, you’ll notice superior strength and wear resistance even in the harshest of conditions.

Ground Engaging Tools For Heavy Equipment

But don’t stop here. For all of your aftermarket replacement parts needs, Romac Industrial Parts is your one-stop, go-to shop. Visit us on the web at www.romacparts.com or call us 800-559-9164 for special pricing!

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