Over 5000+ Parts For Over 36+ Manufacturers

Romac Industrial Parts was established in 1992 as a wholesale distributor of Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T). Since that time, we have established ourselves as a leader in the industry, and continue to demonstrate steady growth. We carry one of the largest inventories of  G.E.T. Parts in the United States, consisting of thousands of different items for many, if not all of the major manufacturers of G.E.T. equipment.

At Romac Industrial Parts, our goal is to provide the highest quality parts at competitive prices. With this goal in mind, it allows our dealers to carry our line with the assurance they will meet their customer’s needs and maintain profitability.

Our customer service is of the utmost importance to us. We have put together an industry leading technical support staff  with over 70 years of combined experience and 10 years of experience within the company, that is readily available to our customers. Our warehouse staff will make sure your order is shipped the same day the order is placed. Superior Customer Service is our objective at Romac, and we want to be your sole distributor of Heavy Equipment Parts.

Manufacturers Include:

  • Adco: Adapters, Teeth, & Weld-On Noses
  • Bobcat: Adapters, Assemblies, Cutting edges, Pins, Teeth & 5 Packs
  • Case: Adapters, Assemblies, Base Edges, Cutting Edges, End Bits, Pins & More
  • Caterpillar: Adapters, Assemblies, Base Plates, Cleaner & Scraper Bars, Cutting Edges, End Bits, Grader Blades, Guards & Protectors, Guides, Heel Plates, Nuts, Packer Feet, Pedestals, Pins , Ripper Shanks, Ripper Shank Noses, Router Bits, Segments, Scarifier Shanks, Sidecutters, Teeth, Trash Cleats, Washers, Waer Plates & Weld-On Noses
  • Chocky Bars: Various Sizes
  • Clark-Hancock: Adapters, Pins, Retainers, & Teeth
  • Doosan: Adapters & Teeth
  • Esco: Adapters, Pins, Retainers, Sidecutters, Teeth, V Kits, & Weld-On Noses
  • Fabco: Adapters, Pins, Shanks, & Teeth
  • Fanggs: Pins & Teeth
  • Fiat: Adapters, Pins, Retainers, & Teeth
  • Ford-New Holland: Adapters, Cutting Edges, Pins, Retainers, Shanks & Teeth
  • Gallion: Shanks & Teeth
  • Gehl: Teeth
  • Geith: Sidecutters
  • H&L: Adapters, Assemblies, Pins, Shanks, Teeth, & Weld-On Noses
  • Hendrix: Adapters, Pins, & Teeth
  • Hensley: Adapters, Assemblies, Pins, Protectors, Retainers, Sidecutters, Teeth, Weld-On Noses & Weldments
  • Hitachi: Adapters, Pins, Retainers, Sidecutters, & Teeth
  • Hyundai: Adapters, Pins, Retainers, & Teeth
  • JCB: Adapters, Pins, Sidecutters, & Teeth
  • John Deere: Adapters, Assemblies, Cutting Edges, End Bits, Pins, Retainers, Segments, Sidecutters, Teeth & 5 Packs
  • Komatsu: Adapters, Cutting Edges, End Bits, Pins, Plow Bolts, Protectors, Retainers, Sidecutters, & Teeth
  • Kubota: Adapters, Pins, Retainers, Shanks, & Teeth
  • Liebherr: Pins, Retainers, & Teeth
  • Linkbelt: Pins, Retainers, Teeth, & Weld-On Noses
  • Massey Ferguson: Adapters, Pins, & Teeth
  • Romac: Adapters, Plow Bolts, Sidecutters, & Teeth
  • Rubber Tracks: Tracks for major brands.
  • Takeuchi: Pins, Retainers, & Teeth
  • Terex: Pins, Retainers, & Teeth
  • Volvo: Adapters, Cutting Edges, Pins, Retainers, & Teeth
  • Wear Bars: Various Sizes
  • Wear Buttons: Various Sizes
  • Wear Plates: Various Sizes
  • Yanmar: Pins, Retainers, & Teeth