Cost of Operation-Ground Engaging Tools Factor In

There are various things to consider when talking about the operation cost of any Construction Equipment. As the machine will be placed into work, the things that you will consider with cost are the fuel, ground-engaging tools, tires and tracks, repair parts and preventive maintenance.It is proven that one reason for a high operating cost is because of the age of the machine. It is true, because older machine breaks down easily and it can bring you expensive cost for the machine repair. Total cost of operating Heavy Equipment:

1. Fuel – it is the first to be considered for operating cost. There are many success stories regarding the cost saving from oil drainage intervals that can improve the maintenance prevention that rely with the good data of fuel consumption. Additional fuel costs and more effective data-gathering systems found in bar code and also RFID technology can do precise data gathering in this vital area further cost efficiency and correct.

2. Wear parts and tracks/tires – the ideal management for wearing parts of the tracks or tires can directly affect the operational cost. Wear parts like ripper tips, cutting edge and the likes are dependent with the application. Operational cost will get higher with a harsh application and over- application.

3. Preventive Maintenance – is somewhat an investment than a cost because the preventive maintenance teams are the eyes and ears of the equipment manager in the field of work where the achievement of the operation is not negotiable. The systems have to be in the place to make sure that this preventive maintenance is being done with the quality required of the standard time.

4. Repairs – managers have to focus with the rate of every repair of the equipment. This action will give them the necessary information on how the cost-effective life of the machine will ensure that money is not being thrown with the expensive effort of keeping the machine from working.

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