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Sometimes, but buckets are changed out so often, that it is better to know how the tooth pins on to the adapter/shank whether it gets pinned on from the top or the side, and also what the inside pocket dimensions of the tooth are from side to side and top to bottom, often a picture helps as well.

To identify a Unitooth, we need to know the lip thickness of the bucket edge and the bolt hole spacing from center to center of both bolt holes.

When identifying cutting edges we need to know the make and model, the length, width and thickness of the cutting edge. We also need to know how many bolt holes there are and the size of the bolt hole. We also need to know the bolt hole spacing when measured from the edge of the cutting edge to the center of the first hole and the center to center measurements of the 1st hole to the 2nd hole and the 2nd hole to the 3rd hole.

To identify the correct sidecutter, we need to know the number of holes in the sidecutter, the bolt hole pattern, the bolt hole spacing and the size of the bolt hole.

No, you can go a little bigger with the size of your adapter, but not smaller.

A flushmount adapter is an adapter that does not have a bottom leg and just bolts or welds to the top of the bucket cutting edge. A flushmount adapter leaves the bottom of the bucket flat to provide a smooth surface.

Bolt on or Weld on Segments protect the exposed base edge between bucket teeth to eliminate scalloping. Rotate or reverse them to even out wear.

Bucket Teeth come in many sizes and configurations. Long Teeth provide more penetration where teeth breakage is not a problem. Short Teeth are for high impact work. Abrasion Teeth are very wear resistant and good for loading sand or gravel. Rock Penetration Teeth are best used in high abrasive material, such as silica, shale, sand, gravel, or mining operations that experience other styles of teeth wearing out quickly. Rock Chisel Teeth are best used in rock conditions, as the tooth continues to remain sharp throughout the life of the tooth. Tiger and Twin Tiger Teeth perform the best in frost, hardpan or rock conditions. These teeth will give you the best penetration and continue to stay sharp throughout the life of the tooth, but it also has the least amount of wear material so it’s life is short.

Excavator adapters have the long leg on the bottom of the bucket and loader adapters have the long leg on the top of the bucket, and often use flushmount adapters.

If the nose wears out on your adapter, then you can opt to replace just the nose rather than the whole adapter, the nose piece is a lot cheaper, but you have more labor involved in replacing just the nose.

Even one or two missing teeth reduce digging ability and speed base edge wear. When teeth are missing, adapters bear the full brunt and wear faster. Run cutting edges and teeth to their full service life, but not beyond.

Router bits protect scraper bowl corners. The standard bit is used for scrapers in low abrasion applications. Use heavy duty bits for larger scrapers working in highly abrasive conditions.

Ground Engaging Tools protect the more expensive iron, such as the base edge of buckets from wear, GET makes up a large part of a machine’s maintenance costs, though essentially throw away metal, you need to know what is available, most suitable for the job and how to obtain maximum wear life.

Romac takes all the major forms of credit cards: Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express and also accepts Paypal.

You would need to fill, out a credit application, and then get approved, once approved our payment terms are net 30 days.

You can order online, call in an order, fax or email in an order of drive to our location.

Romac is open from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, walk ins can come in Monday through Friday from 8-5.

Romac ships 95% of all orders the same day they are received, as long as they are received before 3 PM EST.

Romac drop ships/blind ships your parts in a regular brown box without a packing slip directly to your customer’s address.

Romac offers the same warranty as the OEM’s, often better, we give a lifetime warranty against breakage.

Romac prides itself on 95% fill rates on all of our orders.

Romac has been a wholesale distributor of ground engaging tools for over 25 years, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. All of our new aftermarket GET parts have been made from original OEM parts. Romac’s parts are randomly tested for fit, hardness and chemical composition by our technical control department. Romac has had numerous field tests done, where Romac’s parts were put on a bucket vs. OEM parts also on the same bucket, in all of these tests our parts tested between 95-100% compared to the wear life of the OEM parts.

Romac offers a free freight program starting at $2,000 depending on location.

Romac’s parts are highest in quality, and weight which allows for more wear life. However, we do want to earn your business… so call us and we will see what we can do.

Romac has no minimum order policy, you can order 1 lock or pin or whatever.

If you’re interested in selling Romac parts, contact us today. After filling out a credit application and after a short interview process, we’ll determine if you’re eligible for dealer pricing. If approved, the customer will receive their log-in information to obtain their special pricing.

Speed of shipping usually depends on your territory, or geographical location. Generally, orders will arrive 1 to 5 days after an order is placed.

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It really depends on the size of your order. Small orders are shipped United Parcel Service (UPS), while large orders are shipped by truck or freight company. We try to offer the best, affordable solution for each and every order placed, and offer order tracking when it is available. We also offer Free Shipping programs for monetary sized orders per geographical region.

Yes. If the parts you want are in stock and the order is placed by 4:30 PM EST, we’ll send the aprts on their way to you same day.

Buying from Romac can save you on average 40% percent of the cost of an OEM part. While we are not the cheapest, we do offer a great price on great quality G.E.T. parts, for your Heavy Equipment. Check out our Product Catalog to find the part you need today.

Our high quality Romac manufactured parts are researched, developed, and have been produced by the same foundry for the past 15 years, providing quality consistency and value. This ongoing, long relationship has allowed us to perfect the parts, providing a better quality part and a more affordable price point. Buying parts from Romac can save you approximately 40% or more, on each an every part you purchase.

The are several ways to order your Romac products. You may locate your product via our catalog, then give us a call to receive special pricing. You can send us an email…and we’ll contact you to confirm your order and obtain your payment information. If you have an account with us…or would like to set up and account, we can invoice you as well.

We are a leading wholesale distributor of G.E.T.  and Heavy Equipment parts for most of the major manufacturers. Our parts are manufactured very close to the OEM specifications, so you can order with confidence. Below is a list of the manufacturers we distribute parts for:

Under normal usage, if there is  a part breakage, Romac will replace the part. In addition, in the event there is a severe issue with fitting the part, we will also replace the affected part.

Romac parts are warranted against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not apply to any part which have been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident, hardface weld or if not installed according to instructions and specifications. All items manufactured are wearable and expendable. There are no labor charges for changing any Romac Part. Romac reserves the right to pass final judgement on all claims for credit.

We will bill you “Net 30 Days” for qualified customers. If you’d like to discuss other payment terms, please contact us today.


Product returns are rare, but they do occur. We make every effort to make sure you get the right product at the right time to keep your team running smoothly. If a product does need to be returned each return is handled on a case-by-case basis. If you need to return a product, please contact a customer service representative. A restock fee of 15% may apply.